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            Our school is the coordinator of the European Union  Strategic Partnership for School Education Erasmus + Project that includes 8 partnerships  is named European Goodwill Cup .Our Project includes the dates 1st September, 2014- 30th August, 2016.

            By that project we aim to supply our students’ social and cultural developments and  become aware of being where they are in developing Europe and globalizing world and to provide new opportunities to their limited facilities.

            Also while doing it, we aim to raise awareness of issues to be sensitive and to do goodwill with the activities planned. These themes are planned to be implemented over the next two years. These themes are;

1-      Old-aged friendly

2-      Needy friendly

3-      Disabled friendly

4-      Homeless animals friendly

5-      Eco friendly

6-      Organic food friendly

7-      School friendly

8-      Books friendly

9-      Games friendly


-      To share cultural and traditional heritage of countries.

-      To encourage pupils to work together to use their spare time for goodwill activities.

-      To motivate pupils to do their best for needy.

-      To be aware of the world’s problems they encounter

-      To be aware of the others they share the world.

-      To motivate them to do social activities to get a beter European society.

-      To respect the cultural geographical diversity among European countries.

-      To develop the communication skills.

-      To develop ICT skills by using of multimedia and social networks.

-      To feel the spirit of being a European citizen.


-      To develop their creativity and cruosity by producing innovative ideas.




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